If you were free to be yourself with ease, balance, and grace who would you be in this very moment?

There are many women who have a deep desire to express their gifts and creativity, and to live a life that aligns and flows with their soul's deepest yearnings. However, the journey towards this ideal life can often seem daunting and filled with invisible obstacles that make it difficult to move forward with confidence. Unconscious beliefs and emotional patterns can also get in the way, causing self-doubt and leaving you feeling unfulfilled. This can lead to staying in unsatisfying jobs and relationships, and feeling stuck in a cycle of feeling stuck.

I’ve known that feeling way too well, too!

But maybe there’s more to life than what we were told?

- Maybe there’s a more fluid motion in balance and life, that it’s not supposed to be a never-ending cycle

-Maybe the stuck feeling is really just your intuition screaming that there is more to your life than this

-Maybe that feeling of the something missing, isn’t missing but only hasn’t been awakened yet

Fortunately, through introspection and reflection, you can begin to uncover the underlying beliefs, values, and desires that are driving your emotions, and use this newfound insight to guide your decisions and actions. By staying attuned to the messages that your feelings are sending you, you can begin to navigate the twists and turns of life's river with greater clarity and purpose.

If this sounds like you, I want you to know that you're not alone.

I’m Susan Goodson!

Creative Intuitive Coach & Published Author.

As a creative intuitive coach, my goal is to guide you with learning techniques and tools that allow you to release old thought patterns and behaviors that may be hindering your growth. Through this process, you can create meaningful change and cultivate a more fluid way of life, filled with peace and freedom. My coaching approach is centered on empowering women to tap into their innate creativity and intuition, allowing them to fully embrace their unique gifts and live a more fulfilling life. With my guidance, you can overcome obstacles and develop the tools you need to thrive in all aspects of your life.

If you’re ready to write YOUR next chapter, I would love to introduce you to…

Fluid. Free to be me with ease, balance, and grace.

A one-of-a-kind 24-week group program to find the fluid & balance in your life

Fluid empowers you to achieve your life goals by having the tools and guidance to tap into intuition and make empowered decisions. The program helps identify and overcome limiting beliefs, connecting you with inner wisdom to take positive actions towards your goals. With a focus on self-discovery and personal growth, Fluid unlocks your power to live the life you desire.

If you're seeking a deeper, more intuitive experience, Fluid in the form of 1:1 may be the perfect fit for you. A one-on-one program that is tailored to your needs, providing a more intimate guidance experience, and support to help you tap into your inner wisdom and achieve your desired outcomes faster.

Interested In Becoming Fluid?

Envision a life where you are in a constant state of purpose-filled freedom, unencumbered by any blocks or limitations;


🌊 Living a life where you are free to pursue your dreams and passions

🌊 Where you feel fulfilled and aligned with your true purpose.

🌊 To discover what balance truly feels like through boundaries and purpose

🌊 To choose to create more ease and calm in the chaos of life

🌊 Being able to find and use your voice & feel clearly heard

🌊 To identify and release the unconscious beliefs and emotional patterns that are holding you back

🌊 To unleash your fullest potential and shine brighter than you let yourself

🌊 To fully embrace a life of infinite possibilities of manifestation

🌊 To be fluidly you by living a courageous, purposeful, and confident life

You Can Embrace All Of This With Fluid.

What’s included in Fluid.

24 weeks of group coaching

90-minute zoom call every other week

30-minute check-in call on alternate weeks

A private 1:1 coaching call

Together, we will let your creativity and intuition flow as you unleash the truest version of your highest self through the guidance and tools given to you during our time together.

Success Stories

Before I met Susan, my confidence level was pretty low, but now I feel that I can stand up for myself and feel comfortable saving what I feel needs to be said and to say it. Susan is a great coach. With her help and guidance, you will be able to be confident in all areas of your life. Also, you will gain skills to improve how you react to situations and be able to know you are ok.

-Ginny Hoke

Before I met Susan, I was aware of what I was allowed but not aware that others could see it clearly. Now I'm able to own my choice of either allowing or not allowing. I think Susan is very wise and kind in her gentle nudging. If you're thinking of working with her, you can feel confident about your choice.

-Terry Kinney

Before meeting Susan, I was stuck on past resentments and worries. I needed help in letting go! Now I'm able to pause, recognize the resentment or worrying thought, go through my teachings and mantras, and gently let go. I'm still working with her. If you're thinking of working with her, buckle up, say a prayer for strength, and be prepared to start a healing process like no other. Best investment in myself hands down.

-Patty Solares

I invite you to...

Join the river that runs deep in you and fully embrace your life’s purpose using your creativity and intuition. Let me guide you to unleashing the best soul-led, purposeful version of yourself.

When you are ready, I’ll be waiting for you to dip your toes in the water for a connected alignment call together. The button below will direct you to the flow of change, purpose, and happiness.

Not sure, yet?

Fluid is a program that can help you achieve your desired life goals by providing you with tools and guidance to tap into your intuition and make empowered decisions. Whether you're looking to overcome fears, break free from limiting beliefs, or simply explore your own potential, Fluid can support you in discovering what you want and creating a path toward a more joyful and fulfilling life. With a commitment to trust in yourself and the process, Fluid can help you unlock your inner strength and find the courage to design a life that is truly your own.

Have some questions?

If you’re using your intuition, it most likely means some questions have emerged within you, these are a few most common questions:

What is intuitive coaching?

Intuitive life coaching is a coaching approach that seeks to develop deep connections between body, mind, and spirit using emotional, creative, and spiritual healing methods.

Am I guaranteed results?

The program, Fluid, is meant to guide you using the tools and wisdom provided during the time spent together. It is ultimately up to one's self to achieve desired goals set during and after the program. If the tools and wisdom are used as guided, results will flow in the direction you lead them to.

Do you offer payment plans?

I do offer payment plans if needed, I will discuss this and the investment on our phone call together!

How do I know if I’m aligned with this program?

I know you wanted an answer to this but if you open your heart just enough, your intuition will guide to this answer.

This program is designed to assist individuals who feel unfulfilled, frustrated, or uncertain about their life’s purpose and want to break free from feeling stuck. If you're looking to connect with your inner self, gain clarity, and achieve your life goals, then Fluid is the program for you.

Do you feel that pull?

That’s your intuition trying to tell you that you need this. That you need that purpose to truly unleash your intuition.

Let’s Create The Fluid Together

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